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Grow with Google

Showing up when customers are searching online is more important than ever…but how does a small business compete? You claim, verify and populate your Google Business Profile so your have a better chance of showing up on google search or google ads. Learn how in this live webinar! Monday, April 294-5:30 p.m. EST

What are Four Things Marketers are Doing Wrong?

What are Four Things Marketers are Doing Wrong? Cheri Bales, Hannah/Gold Communications I got a call last month to pitch 3-4 marketing-related topics for a virtual annual conference next year. I quickly jotted down the 4 ideas below, and am waiting to hear what their choice is, but in the meantime, I thought this might […]

2021 Workplace Vaccine Mandates

Navigating Medical and Religious Exemptions President Biden announced vaccination requirements for the federal government in July and called on the private sector to do more to encourage vaccination as well. Since then, jobs requiring vaccination are up 90% and employers with 100+ employees are in limbo on a pending rule mandating workplace vaccinations (President Biden’s […]

How to set up a Google My Business (GBM) Business Profile

Find it Claim it Verify it Get more search results Sounds perfect, right…whoa buddy, not so fast. Many small businesses haven’t even HEARD of google my business (GMB), let alone learned about the tools available there. So let’s start with the basics – a Google My Business Profile. Google is the world’s No. 1 search […]

10 Things you Need to Know About Your Marketing: The Short List

marketing strategy

You may have started your business based on the school of hard knocks experience. You didn’t study marketing. You got in to business to run a business. Working with a marketing professional or a professional mentor can save you a lot of time and effort and help flatten the learning curve if you can learn […]

How to Write a Business Plan

man writing on a pad of paper

A Business Plan is a written document which develops and details the potential of a new business as well as the knowledge and the credibility of the author/owner. It is the roadmap the business will follow as it becomes established and opens for business. When a small business person launches a business without the simplest […]